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First Oversea Factory of Boeing aircraft Initiate in An island in the East China Sea

  中国网舟山讯 北京时间5月11日上午10点,美国波音飞机本土外的第一个工厂在中国东海的海岛城市舟山新区朱家尖岛正式开工建设。

CHINANET ZHOUSHAN NEWS At 10:00 on May 11 in Beijing, the first oversea factory of Boeing aircraft is officially initiating to be constructed in Zhujiajian Island, Zhoushan Archipelago New Area, an island city in the East China Sea.

  • 开工典礼现场

  • Photo of Boeing 737 Completion and Delive Commencement Ceremony


Why would the Boeing Company choose China's island to set up its first oversea factory?


The commencement ceremony is held in the land which has been leveled already, in Zhujiajian Island, Zhoushan City, northeast of Zhejiang Province, China. Zhoushan Port, a deep water port majoring in water-water transfer, has trade and transformation cooperations with Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, America, Russia and Middle East, whose all-cargo line reaches ports in China's coasts and the Middle-lower Yangtze.


According to Marc Allen, the international president of the Boeing Company, the reason why they choose to build factory in Zhoushan is its acquisition of the first  experimental free-trade zone, which is an obvious advantage, along with unique location of Zhoushan Archipelago New Area. Besides, it also has ports and airport which could directly built wharf to transport relevant components and parts by sea.


  The latest report done by the Boeing Company, aiming at Chinese market, indicates that the proportion of the Boeing Company is close to 50%. In 20 years, China will need 6,810 new planes which would cost as much as 1.025 trillion dollars. Civil aviation experts suggest that constructing factory in China, the largest market apart from America, is a useful method to maintain the market for a long time.


What kind of aircrafts produced here?


It is Boeing 737MAX that is produced here and the factory in Zhoushan is mainly responsible for assembly and the process of deliverying to customers in the final stage.


The standard configuration of Boeing 737MAX is Boeing's sky-interior which is solely popular among customers. At the time passengers take by plane, they would gain the experience of free flight. What is more, the specially designed scuttle frames catch passengers' attention to them and the broader horizon would offer better feeling of being on the air for customers.


It is also equipped larger overhead luggage compartment in the guest cabins making it possible to store personal packages nearby, which not only bring convenience, but also provide more extensive room for customers to get realized.


The integrated speakers in every service component in the plane could improve the sound quality and clarity of the broadcast system. And the novel ventilation grille could enhance security of operation by prevention of interference.


Could aircrafts achieve gorgeous transformation in 18 days in Zhoushan, China?


The scale of the first project of Boeing 737 Completion and Delive Center in Zhoushan is as large as 40 hectares and the second one is 26 hectares. It would cover 60,000 square meters in total.


It will consist of two parts: the 737 completion center, a joint venture of Boeing and COMAC; and the 737 delivery center owned by Boeing to complete the final construction and delivery of aircrafts. With accreditation, the joint venture is to be an indispensable part of the Boeing 737 project to make the producing ability of delive 100 aircrafts per year come true.


"Boeing airplane will leave for Honolulu, Hawaii from Seattle, then from Honolulu for The Territory of Guam, finally from Guam for Zhoushan. According to the plan, the joint venture will install aircraft interiors, including flight entertainment equipment and seats, and provide repair and maintenance services for the 737. Through the delivery center, 737s will reach Chinese customers." Rong Qiyue, from Construction Headquarters of Zhoushan's Aviation Industrial Park, says to journalist.


"At first, all the extra oil will be unloaded and ice brought by air will be wiped out. Then the plane will get into the aeroshed." Introduced by Rong. The joint venture will install aircraft interiors, including flight entertainment equipment and seats, and provide integral kitchen, integral washroom, LED lighting system, floors and so on for the 737. Later on, after the completion of painting, it is the time for engine test and trial flight. After that, it will be given to the delivery center with signing a series of delivery documents.


And then the plane will arrive at Zhoushan Mount Putuo Airport from the factory, which will be delived to the airline company to get the whole process completed. It would take 18 days for the arrival along with departure of 737MAX.

Why the project attracts so many politicians?


  The opening ceremony of the day was hosted by Liang liming, Zhejiang province vice provincial governor. Zhejiang Provincial Government, Boeing Company, COMAC signed a tripartite cooperation agreement. Che Jun, Secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party committee,  Yuan Jiajun, acting governor of zhejiang province, Shi moke, consul general of Consulate General of the United States, Shanghai, Lin Nianxiu, Deputy Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, Yu Donglai, secretary of municipal party Committee of Zhoushan ,and others came to the scene and gave a speech.



  Raymond L.conner,Vice- president of Boeing Company showed appreciate for China' support with the Chinese characteristic way on the scene and they hoped that Boeing Coompany set up plants in China and cooperated with China's aviation can be a diplomatic product of ties between China and USA. Shi Moke, Consul general of Consulate General of the United States, Shanghai, said hello in Chinese to the audience and appreciated Chinese leaders' attention to Boeing Company.


  Yuan Jiajun, acting governor of zhejiang province said, Boeing settled in Zhoushan is an important cooperation project imported during Chinese head of state, Xi Jinping visited to the US and also an important project of China-U. S. trade cooperation. C919 a large aircraft of COMAC has just done the maiden flight and the cooperation project with Boeing Company has started working. It will be a new navigation mark druming up China' s aviation and a new milestone of druming up Zhejiang high-end manufacturing.


  Yu Donglai, Secretary of municipal party Committee of Zhoushan introduced, they will build an aviation industrial park relying on Boeing project. According to the plan, the park will be built in northwest of Zhushajian Island, from 329 National Road in the east, to Airport Road and the first Indusrial Zone Road in the west, from 329 north national highway in north, to the 6th Industrial Zone Road and the 5th Industrial Zone Road and Zhuzhang Line in the south. The planning area is about 8 square kilometers.


The overall layout of Zhoushan aviation industrial park presents "two cores and two belts".


  "Two cores" are the core of aviation operation and the core of aviation manufacture. The core of aviation operation: making ZSZS as the center, building two functional kernels- navigation operation and civil aviation operation, developing navigation operation functions like navigation tourism,navigation travel,safeguard service,coastguard patrols and so on. Developing aviation logistics,bonded processing, Aeronautical R&D and other aviation services. The core of aviation manufacture: with manufacturing trunk-line airplanes and general-purpose planes as the core.


  "Two belts" are industry development belt and landscape ecological green belt. Industry development belt: making Zhujiajian Airport Road as connecting axis,forming aviation industry development belt,developing aviation operation to the north,developing aviation manufacture to the south. Landscape ecological green belt: building landscape ecological green belt in the park combining rivers and both-side ecological green land of pomegranate river.


  The park will be divided into 9 functional zones: manufacturing trunk-line airplanes zone,manufacturing generalal-purpose planes zone,aviation supporting zone,served land for developing of trunk-line airplanes,airport operation land,land of airport development and supporting, airport free trade zone,manufacturing compatible with logistics zone… In the future, we can come to Zhujiajian to have a "boeing tour" . Relying on Boeing project, the park will develop industrial tourism cored by aviation culture,closely integrate aircraft delivery center,brand promotion of aviation enterprises, Duty-free Shopping, entertainment,high-end tourism,and foster international consumer center.


Zhoushan build a new pattern of Chinese aviation industry


  Zhoushan Aviation Park will also plan to set up a “737MAX aircraft exhibition room”, and put forth effort to build the aircraft interiors, parts procurement and trading center. With the technical advantages of the trunk line aircraft manufacturing,it will introduces manufacturing technology of small and medium-sized fixed wing of, helicopter, hydroplane and unmanned aerial vehicle in foreign mature models. And it will introduce the official aircraft assembly modification, operational services and other projects actively. Zhoushan Aviation Park will also accelerate the cooperation with large domestic and foreign aviation companies and try to lead corporate champions like Boeing, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China into aircraft integrated production line in the future.


  “Boeing project is located in Zhoushan and achieves flight test, delivery and management in Zhoushan, which can effectively reduce costs and create a good start for the development of Zhoushan aviation manufacturing industry.” Li Bing, the CFO of Shanghai Juneyao Airlines Co., Ltd. said that Juneyao Airlines set up the SPV company in Zhoushan last year, and it operated 4 aircrafts at present. “After the completion of the Boeing project in Zhoushan next year, orders of Juneyao Airlines will be delivered in Zhoushan.”


  “In the foreseeable future, Zhoushan will occupy an important position in the field of Chinese aviation industry and have a place in the country and even the pattern of global aviation industry.” Guo Qi, the vice president of Comprehensive Planning Research Institute of China Aviation Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. is very optimistic about aviation industry of Zhoushan.


  Guo Qi said, according to Boeing's forecast, the large civil aviation transport market would deliver 39620 aircrafts by 2020, with a total value of $5.9 trillion; According to our estimates, by 2020, Chinese domestic market would deliver 6810 large civil aircrafts, with a total value of $1.30 trillion.


  The total number of aircraft delivered is 6810 and 70% of it is international cooperation, and Boeing project of Zhoushan is one of them. “After Boeing entered China in 1972, it sold 1000 aircrafts in China in the past 40 years. And in fifth decade, Boeing is expected to sell 1000 aircrafts.”Guo Qi said.


Zhoushan's dream of air traffic has taken off


“Zhoushan is an archipelagic city, so land transportation is inconvenient, which creates the conditions for expanding inter-island connection through the air traffic situation. It provides a large imaginary space for the future.” In addition to aviation manufacturing, Ma Jian, the secretary general of CUAER (China Urban Airport Economic Research Center) and GAIFA (China General Aviation Industry and Financial Collaborative Development Innovation Alliance) is in favor of the development of general aviation industry in Zhoushan.


“Perhaps everyone has such a question at heart: how to develop aviation industry in Zhoushan without aviation industry basis?” Ma Jian said that at the beginning, it “seemed” that the basic conditions and facilities of Zhoushan were not as good as the conditions of domestic competitive cities, but ZhouShan became a foothold of Boeing finally, because of its unique advantages. So did the development of general aviation industry.


“Zhoushan has been integrated into 200 km long triangle traffic circle of Shanghai and Hangzhou, and this advantage will bring a steady stream of talent to the Zhoushan aviation industry.” Ma Jian also introduced that the general aviation of Zhoushan took shape, air rescue, tourism, island traffic and official flights had a certain scale as well. It was one of the busiest areas in East China.


In addition, the Mount Putuo airport is a 4D class civilian airport, with 2500 meters runway, available airport facilities, which can meet the following models of Boeing 757 to take off and land. The flow of the airport has a surplus.


“The annual take-off and landing of Zhoushan airport is more than 360 days per year, and the theoretical limit value of aircraft s’take-off and landing is 40%.” Ma Jian introduced that Zhoushan had the conditions to carry out the general aviation,like airspace, airports and landing points. Zhoushan was the national low altitude airspace pilot open city with 2000 square kilometers of the Yangtze River Delta region, which was the largest report airspace. It had the conditions of establishing general aviation operations flight, air travel, flight training, flight test and other activities.


At the same time, the developed sea transportation contributes to the industries of aviation raw materials, spare parts, large parts transportation, airport logistics and bonded processing.


At 10 a.m. of the same day, Che Jun, the secretary of a provincial party committee of Zhejiang announced that Boeing factory of Zhoushan went into operation officially.


The first aircraft is expected to be formally delivered to use by the end of 2018.

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